Abruzzo Wild Experience

Abruzzo Wild Experience, the 2015 Falcong news!!! Falcong invites you to attend the biggest adventure of your life. You will have the opportunity to dip completely into the hidden places of Abruzzo, far from noise and stress of the big cities. For a weekend you will live in touch with all the animals of the Falcong team. Eagles, hawks, buzzards, owls, Czechoslovakian wolves and horses... will be your life friends for two days. Abruzzo Wild Experience is divided into two days: on the first day (Saturday) the meeting is foreseen at about 15:00 pm. You will have the possibility to enter the woods with the three wolves Wolf, Deha and Navarre, you can ride Bolero the stallion and you can actively participate the training of the Falcong flying team with Inca, the powerful and majestic golden eagle. You will get information about the training of the several animals, the behaviour of wildlife species, we will teach you to detect and identify the tracks of wolves and the flight of raptors. You can learn the most hidden secrets of the ancient art of falconry and you will learn to get a raptor to land on the falconer’s glove. During the night you will be hosted at “Villa Pompa Rooms Rental” in Campli (TE) to be ready, the day after (Sunday) to leave for the Wild Walking in one of the three places considered symbols of the Abruzzo region: the Rock of Civitella del Tronto, The Rock of Calascio, The Rock of Scalegna (see Wild Walking). Abruzzo Wild Experience is open to groups of maximum 10 people. The cost is €250 per person with double, triple and single rooms, the dinner on Saturday night and the breakfast and the lunch on Sunday. Movements will be made by your own vehicles and are excluded from the cost of the “experience”. Abruzzo Wild Experience... Are you ready for this new extraordinary adventure? We are waiting for you!!! More info via mail in the “Contact” section.



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