who I am

Giovanni Granati. Born in Rome in 1983, Giovanni has always worked in a close relation with animals and since childhood, he expressed himself through several forms of art, from dance to music (he plays both the piano and the organ), from classical equestrian art to the training of falconry raptors and Czechoslovakian wolves. He also wrote two books (“Our friends, the animals” and a collection of fairy tales) and recorded a CD (the notes of the wind) with a unique inspirational leitmotif: nature and the animal world. Falconry is an ancient art from the VII century B.C., used for the hunting with falcons. The Mongolian knights were known as excellent Eagle-hunters and still today they go hunting for wild wolves with the support of Golden Eagles, one of the hardest hunting techniques to perform. Then, it was spread in the Arabian world by the merchants who walked through the Silk Road. During the Middle Ages, falconry reached its maximum level of diffusion at the court of Frederick II of Swabia. The young sovereign considered as magical the connection between human and animal beings and he wished the same connection for the nobles and the people. Nowadays falconry, recognised as a UNESCO heritage, has several functions, some of which are of social utility. (see Bird Control)


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